Saturday, June 30, 2012

Las Vegas

Andy's bosses took a bunch of his coworkers to Las Vegas this past weekend. It was so fun! We got there Saturday night and went to check in at the Aria. It is this huge hotel and casino. When we went to check in, I guess we were booked for a "smoking optional" room. That wasn't going to work for us. The girl at the front desk put us in a non-smoking room because she saw Emma. (That is just one of the MANY perks of having her around.) They didn't have any regular non-smoking rooms available, so they upgraded us to this suite on the 55th floor. It was amazing! We had a beautiful view of the city, a heated toilet seat, two T.V.s, and a remote for the lights and curtains.
We just stayed until Monday morning, but we tried to fit in as much as possible. Andy's managers took all the workers to a buffet for breakfast. We went to the Bellagio to see the garden thing where everything is made of flowers. Then we went to see an exhibit of real Monet paintings (Do we sound fancy?). We went and saw the Las Vegas Temple. Then we got some frozen hot chocolate at a place called Serendipity 3. Then Emma had a meltdown. We tried to fit in as much as possible and didn't fit in a nap for Emma. Bad choice. We spent the rest of the night hanging out in our room watching TLC and eating dinner.
Then we got up at five thirty to head back. Emma was amazing both flights and hardly cried. I was pretty scared to fly with her, but she slept almost the entire time. Poor Andy had to go straight to work, but he is pretty tough.