Friday, April 15, 2011


I know that it is still April but as soon as basketball season gets close to the end I think about football. I have enjoyed reading all about BYU and Utah football as of late because there are so many changes that are going down this year. I am pretty sure that everyone is familiar with what is changing with both programs this coming year, except there are always those who either live under a rock or could care less. I am excited for BYU going independent and also I am pretty excited to see Utah play in the PAC 12. Both programs will be making changes in their offensive schemes because of BYU hiring Brandon Doman as O.C. and Utah hiring Norm Chow as O.C. (former BYU coach for 29 years). The changes taking place will consist of BYU going back to the 1980's passing attack that will feature QB under center more and the TE in a 3 point stance. Utah will be going under center as well with some more down hill running. With both teams using less of the shotgun formation they will be able to be less predictable in their run/pass options. Jake Heaps has shown much improvement and will be going deep to two very good wide receivers in Ross Apo and Cody Hoffman while Dirty Mustache Jordan Wynn has had a bummed shoulder and is probably staining his shorts because he has never had the opportunity to throw anything other than a ten yard slant. I am very interested to see how Heaps progresses this year, how BYU will do vs the big boys (Ole Miss, Texas, Oregon St., TCU, and Utah), if Utah can do well in the PAC 12, how Wynn does in the Norm Chow style offense, and if either team runs the table and has a perfect season. I expect great things to come and I cannot wait for September 17!