Monday, June 20, 2011


Amber, Maylie, Heather, Me, Kate, Natalie, and Gracie with our blueberries.

Andy and I decided to go to Jackson, Mississippi for the Summer to work. Well, Andy would work, and I would pack his lunches. So far it has been pretty great. Andy has been selling security systems, and he has stated several times how much better he likes this compared to school. I think that means that he doesn't like school very much, because this job isn't very fun.

This past Saturday, Andy sold three security systems in one day!!!!! He was taking a while talking to the customer, so the van full of salesmen were waiting outside of the house to pick him up. After he came out, he was jumping up and down, pumping his fists, and yelling at the guys in the van. I think he may have scared his customer, but was so excited. Anyone who knows Andy knows that he is not lacking in enthusiasm.

While Andy has been busy working, I have been busy having a good time. Amber, my sister, and Heather, my sister-in-law, have been my little buddies. We try to go on little field trips with my nieces almost every day. So far, we have been to Vicksburg to see the lamest Coca-Cola museum ever, the splash park, and the Mississippi Children's Museum. Isn't that what most twenty-six-year-olds without kids do? Oh! We have also done a lot of shopping....Probably too much.

My favorite activity has been picking blueberries in Meridian, Mississippi. Amber, Heather, and I decided to make the hour-and-a-half drive. We followed my G.P.S., and it took us down dirt and gravel roads, past wild turkies (I think that's what they were), and past a bunch of cute "Southern" homes. When we got there, we picked blueberries for over an hour, and each of us ended up with about 6 pounds of berries. We have been eating them all week. We have had blueberry muffins, blueberry pinwheels, blueberry German pancakes, blueberries with whipped cream (we call it the Crapo Special), and lots of blueberry smoothies. I haven't gotten sick of them yet:)

On the Way home from Meridian, Heather and I were chatting and laughing. As I pulled off of the highway, I started screaming as an unrecognized animal came in front of our car. Heather started screaming because she thought someone was about to mug us. Then I ran over what looked like a giant rat (I later found out it was a possum). We had to take a minute to get our bearings, but it was pretty funny... screaming like idiots over a possum. Possums must be pretty tough, because he wandered off after I hit him. Hopefully, he is ok.

So far, we have had a great time. Next week, we are going to be moving to Alabama! Both of us are excited about experiencing more of the South!