Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary in Destin

June 25 of this year was an important day for us. We have been married one year! Time has really flown by. Andy has been working so much, and he wasn’t able to take the day off, but we got to celebrate the day after. .. right after we moved.

We moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama. We love Mobile!!! Besides the humidity, everything about this place is great. Our apartment is clean and new. There are places nearby to get groceries. We feel safe… I don’t think anybody would say the same about where we were in Jackson.

After we moved (the drive was about 2 hours), Andy was feeling a little bit sick, but we decided to go ahead with our trip to Destin (another 2 hours away). It was a super pretty drive, but I don’t think Andy enjoyed it. He was sleeping most of the way. We got to our hotel that was right on the beach with a beautiful view and just rested.

We started off our next day shopping. That always makes me happy. Then we went on a dolphin cruise. I think we saw about 10 dolphins. We probably would have seen more, but I got a little bit sea sick and had to sit inside. Our favorite part of the cruise was when the captain of the boat said, "Remember, Jesus loves you." We both really like how people talk about Jesus so much here. Then we spent a couple of hours on the beach. We saw some dark shape in the water and Andy said that it was a shark. If you know me, then you know that I am terrified of sharks… and a lot of other things. I made a little bit of a scene crawling up Andy’s back, and it only turned out to be a piece of seaweed. Later we went to dinner at a place called “Dewey Destin.” That is where all of the locals eat. It was a ramshackle little place right on the pier with commercial fishing boats all around. When you looked through the floorboards, you could see the ocean.

We had so much fun, but the best part was just spending time with my husband. I feel so lucky that I married my best friend.