Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Andy's Graduation!!!!

This picture totally fits Andy's personality.

                                                                   Our little family.

                                                 Andy had to have Emma in every picture.

                                                         The Crapo Family
                      We are so glad that they could come and support Andy on his big day!

                                                      Elaine, Marty, Andy, and Nana

Andy actually graduated in December, but the University of Utah only has commencement in April. This is lucky because we got to celebrate twice! He earned a degree in economics with a minor in business. I am so proud of him! While we were standing around taking pictures, an old man said that I earned my "P.H.T." degree. I asked him what that was, and he said that it stood for "Put Husband Through." I thought it was pretty funny.
Here is a funny story from that day: I am still adjusting to taking care of another person, so I was running late to the ceremony. I was carrying Emma in her seat and walking in my first pair of high heels (they were actually wedges) since before being pregnancy and walking really fast and I totally tripped and fell. Thankfully I just set the carseat down, but I sprawled out on the ground very ungracefully. My skirt came up, I skinned my knee, and everyone around me was looking at me concern. I felt soooooooo ridiculous. On the bright side, Andy bought me a new pair of shoes-flats.